Ricardo Robledo Calderon

Accounting Bachelor Degree / MBA

Develop a professional career supported on honesty, respect and continuous learning, I believe in improving and growing. There is nothing as invigorating as being able to assess a difficult problem and then solve it, dealing with something that seems almost impossible to solve and then coming to a resolution.

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La paz, Baja California Sur


Business Administration

With specialty in quality systems. 100% grades concluded.
Bachelor Degree

With specialty in computer systems manage. Professional license: 7298685.



FCA México (Antes Chrysler de México)
(Dec 2008 – Nov 2020)
National Fleets operations manager

I was head of business unit dedicated to managing the company’s vehicle fleet, following up on each of the stages of the process (request for units, accounting and administrative control, logistics of movement and delivery, maintenance payment, leasing management of units, insurance, sale and billing of the used vehicle). I reduced the fixed expenses of the area by 31% by implementing new controls and processes. In 6 years move more than 6.5K slow moving units using additional programs. Managed the 150% growth of the company’s fleet, going from 1.9 K units to almost 5 K. I made improvements and optimizations to the processes and systems in the area, achieving in three years reducing more than 3 K annual man hours.

Smart Tracker
(Feb 2003 – Dec 2008)
Operations manager

In charge of the warehouse management and control processes, negotiation with suppliers. Responsible for the quality of service and customer service. Make the mapping and documentation of all company processes which did not exist.

Qualitas Compañia de Seguros
Nov 2000 – Dec 2020

Damage claims sub-manager

Responsible for the correct attention to claims and repair of units. I improved the times of arrival to claims by 8% with the reorganization of bases.

ABA Seguros
Feb 1997 – Mar 2000
Valuation supervisor

Responsible for the correct valuation of damaged units and improving repair times in workshops and agencies.


2016 -2019
Automation and digitization project of finance area processes

Completion of grade at Brigham Young University

Vehicle fleet transportation logistics for the Pope Francisco visit to Mexico

2013 – 2014
Employee benefits program restructuring and cost reduction (2 MUSD per year).

Installation and development of GPS tracking application system for Grupo Modelo

Develop & launch to Seguridad Vial MX (personal project)

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